Aiming for a more economical way to power your business?

Infinite advises how best to maximise the efficiency of your business’ energy processes, to realise financial savings and new ways of optimising energy consuming operations


Unsure about the adaptability of green energy projects?

Infinite specialises in creating bespoke solutions for our customers. We create flexible comprehensive schemes offering the most cost effective and sustainable energy source for your business now and in the future

Cost Effective

Concerned about the cost of building and converting to a green energy supply?

Infinite provides funded renewable energy solutions to you and your local business community

Safe & Secure

Prefer to have secure, locally generated and reliable renewable energy?

Infinite provides a local energy supply with ground-breaking battery storage systems providing optimum energy security

Low Carbon

Interested in local, renewable and low carbon energy to reduce your carbon footprint?

Infinite identifies potential areas to help you deliver your net zero ambitions


Eager to find real solutions to help achieve your business’ net zero goals?

Infinite’s innovative approach of providing locally generated energy, addresses your specific energy requirements


Infinite’s highly skilled workforce and partners develop an array of high-profile wind schemes, wide-ranging commercial solar PV projects, next generation battery technology and efficient CHP processes

We are at the forefront of building renewable energy schemes. Our innovative Energy Centres combine renewable, low carbon technologies to provide more secure, reliable and cost-effective sustainable energy to our consumers

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Path to Net Zero

Infinite’s Net Zero Audit provides you with a mechanism to better understand your energy demand and carbon footprint. It identifies opportunities for onsite generation. A detailed analysis of your electricity data against projected energy generation such as a solar system or wind turbine enables us to optimise the scale and the economics of each technology considered. We also identify opportunities for converting excess power to heat in applications where there is limited export capacity for electricity or variable electrical demand on site

Renewable Energy Calculator

Calculate your renewable energy generation by adding your annual business energy usage in the box below

Your (annual) business energy use


(size in kWp) Wind Turbine

(size in kWp) On roof or ground mounted solar

The results indicate how much wind and solar energy would be required for your operation to be Carbon Net Zero. Please complete the form below if you would like us to contact you to discuss your results.

Energy Centres

Our Energy Centres are at the forefront of renewable energy generation and storage

Infinite Energy Centres directly support the national drive to become net zero by 2050. They consist of a range of integrated renewable and low carbon generation technologies and do not rely on the national electricity grid. Instead, they use a private wire to a micro grid which in turn uses smart metering

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