Infinite Renewables Group | One of the leading UK developers of medium scale green energy solutions.
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The Infinite Group

The Infinite Group is one of the leading UK developers of medium scale green energy solutions.

Asset management services to third party owner/developers looking to protect their assets and maximise the return on their investment.

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Holistic renewable energy microgrid solutions that integrate generation, storage, smart metering and intelligent control.

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Infinite are able provide a complete range of energy storage solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

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View some of our current projects

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Our company news

  • At the ‘Supplier of the Year 2018’ awards dinner held at the Vale of Glamorgan Resort hotel on 12th October 2018, The Royal Mint awarded Infinite Renewables the “Best Contr

  • Jonathan Ree, Ryan Williams and Stuart Mitchell from the Royal Mint Purchasing Department recently successfully completed the National 3 Peaks challenge. Their fundraising

  • Pembrokeshire Food Park is a major new development in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and will comprise of 1 million square feet of food production and cold storage facilities. T

  • Infinite are expanding their office accommodation. The exciting new developments and energy schemes means that Infinite have increased their resources to ensure smooth proj

  • Infinite are working with Housing Associations to develop innovative energy storage solutions. If you would like more information on this, please get in touch – CONTACT


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