Clean, green, reliable, and renewable, Wind power will significantly reduce your business’ carbon footprint


One of the UK’s leading wind turbine developers, Infinite provides funded wind turbine solutions for landowners, commercial and industrial consumers. Our customers include one of the most sustainable companies in the world. The Vestas 850kW ‘Daffodil’ wind turbine designed, supplied and built by Infinite supplies up to 10% of the Royal Mint’s (TRM) energy demands and will be integrated into TRM’s Local Energy Centre generation.

Infinite owns and operates a portfolio of wind turbine schemes throughout the UK and manages over £25m of assets for businesses and investment partners. We also offer asset management services to third party owners/developers to maximise return on investment.

We select the most appropriate make and model of turbine for each location and, taking into consideration wind speeds and planning limits for tip height, we optimise the size of the turbine to take full advantage of the investment and energy yield of the installation. We aim to maximise and maintain peak performance throughout a turbine’s 25 year plus life cycle.

Infinite takes care of every part of the process from the design of the foundation to the installation of the turbine.

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