Providing cost effective, greener electricity for business communities

Infinite Renewables Group Ltd (IRGL)

Expanding throughout industrial estates from a base tenant, connecting businesses and helping them to realise their net carbon zero goals

The Generation, Storage, Consumption, Supply (GSCS) project, completed in July 2023 provides businesses with cost effective and greener electricity. Developed and managed by Infinite and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Infinite’s funding partner Albion Community Power, the Energy Centres are made up of integrated renewable and low carbon generation technologies.

Two of the six sites, GS Yuasa battery factory in Ebbw Vale and The Royal Mint (TRM) in Llantrisant are large manufacturing sites and ideal candidates for an integrated energy solution.

The Energy Centre at The Royal Mint incorporates a 2MW Solar Farm on adjacent land and is forecast to provide 2.4GWh of annual generation directly to TRM. Wind, hydrogen-ready CHP and battery storage form the mix of other technologies. As well as reducing its carbon emissions, the investment will significantly reduce TRM’s energy costs.




The Energy Centre at GS Yuasa’s factory on the Rassau Industrial Estate in Ebbw Vale also uses a mix of technologies linked to ADEPT – an innovative energy storage scheme, bringing together GS Yuasa’s lead acid and lithium batteries which offer optimum efficiency and flexibility when managing power across a micro-grid.

Both Local Energy Centres have the potential for expansion to match community consumption.

The Centres reduce load on the national grid and play an important part in successfully delivering the UK’s net zero ambitions.



Our Sites

Building sustainable, smart, low-carbon energy systems throughout the UK


Wind power at Scoveston, Pembrokeshire, West Wales, generating approximately 1,600MWh every year


A 1MWh rooftop solar system at GS Yuasa’s factory at the Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale


Peter Stevenson of GS Yuasa at the Royal Mint’s battery storage facility