A low carbon power solution which supports sustainability


Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is an efficient means of generating electricity while creating heat as a by-product. It offers a low carbon power solution which supports sustainability and a more economic supply of power.

Infinite understands the potential of CHP and believes that co-generation has many advantages, especially for manufacturing sites. It is an odourless operation and compared to conventional electrical generators and on-site boilers, has a much lower emission rate.

Infinite’s flexible approach to CHP fulfils our customers’ specific energy needs. Our experienced team understands the challenges that come with having to choose the most beneficial CHP solution.

Having your own power supply on your site, could be the future in effectively managing your operational needs of your business and addressing your carbon footprint. The Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) scheme goes further in accrediting CHP as an environmentally friendly option for your operation.

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