Infinite Energy Centres – locally generated renewable and low carbon energy supplied directly to your business

Energy Centres

A combination of renewable energy sources controlled by an intelligent power management system

Infinite’s Energy Centres integrate local energy generation, energy storage and smart metering across a micro-grid. Depending on a site’s individual energy requirements and location, the Energy Centres source power from multiple generation technologies such as wind turbines, solar photovoltaics (ground mounted or roof mounted installations) and combined heat and power units together with battery storage. Infinite’s Energy Centres generate and distribute heat and power via private networks and provide a ground-breaking and innovative solution for commercial and industrial energy consumers.

Infinite offers a fully funded Energy Centre solution that enables commercial and industrial consumers to take advantage of low cost, green power, without any capital outlay.


A significant reduction in electricity costs and revenue earning potential for the industrial and wider community

Storing renewable energy from
different technologies allows the community to access power as and when required

Greater flexibility in meeting fluctuating local power peaks and operational demands

A private micro grid and smart metering reduces electricity transmission and non-commodity charges

The ability to access more customers by using sleeving supply models

Greater energy security for the community and less reliance on
the national grid

Infinite provides real solutions to help achieve your net zero goals

As we move towards a zero-carbon community in the UK, Infinite’s expertise will steer you towards the most achievable, reliable, and cost-effective renewable energy supply possibilities for your business or industrial site 

Realising the best solution for your energy needs

Carbon Zero Report

We will assess your energy requirements, and discuss environmental feasibility to fulfil the potential of your renewable scheme


We will lead on the legal and planning aspects of developing your renewable energy supply


We will manage the installation of the renewable technology including battery storage, power controls and energy metering

Operation and Asset Management

We will manage the entire energy supply of the renewable technology. We also offer long-term asset management services

Our experienced team will manage the process from start to finish