News Brief

29 January 2024

Infinite Renewables Supports Clean energy for EU Islands Initiative

The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat, an initiative of the European Commission, is the central platform for the clean energy transition of more than 2,200 inhabited European islands. Despite having access to renewable sources of energy, such as wind and wave energy, many of them depend on expensive fossil fuel imports for their energy supply.  Islands all over Europe are accelerating their clean energy transition, and their stories are truly inspiring! The Clean energy for EU islands secretariat supports Europe’s islands in their journey with technical support, capacity-building activities and networking opportunities.

In his declaration of support, on behalf of Infinite Renewables, Director Iestyn Morgan said: “We share the ambition to support island communities to enhance their wellbeing and resilience by assisting them in realising their transition to clean energy resources.”

Infinite Renewables’ goals in this venture are: (1). To support the members of the Clean energy for EU islands initiative with its expertise and experience by ensuring relevant and accurate advice for the island communities in order that they can proceed with their clean energy transition agendas which include their decarbonisation plans and financing concepts.  (2). To share knowledge, experiences, best practice, tools or resources relevant to the members of the Clean energy for EU islands initiative. (3). To promote the Clean energy for EU islands initiative, mobilising existing and potential new members of the Clean energy for EU islands community and (4). Collaborating with other supporting organisations of the Clean energy for EU islands initiative to strengthen island communities to foster their joint and co-ordinated clean energy action.

Iestyn Morgan went on to say, “The path towards full decarbonisation of EU islands requires concerted action and a collective effort and we are delighted to join the Community of committed EU Islands and support organisations to demonstrate that a clean energy future for EU islands and beyond is possible.”