Press Releases

19 July 2023


Infinite Renewables in Wales is leading the charge when it comes to greener, cleaner energy in the UK. Its latest achievement is that it launches a new multi technology Energy Centre at The Royal Mint (TRM) in Wales on Wednesday 19th July 2023.

The Centre is made up of cutting edge technology – a 2MW solar farm (built by Evo Energy), 2 wind turbines, a hydrogen-ready combined heat and power unit (CHP) and a dual chemistry battery energy storage system (BESS).

This cutting edge battery technology which brings together both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery chemistries is controlled by a bespoke battery management system developed by battery firm GS Yuasa, the University of Sheffield and Infinite.  The hybrid is set within a containerized energy storage system and offers a new power solution that combines the fast response of the lithium battery with the endurance of lead acid. It works in a complementary way to provide economical and sustainable solutions for numerous storage services from the same system. 

The Energy Centre has a 2MW gas fired CHP engine, supplied by AB Energy UK.  It has been selected because of its market leading engine efficiency of 44.1% which maximises the amount of power that can be produced from the gas consumed.

The Vestas 850kw ‘Daffodil’ wind turbine designed, supplied and built by Infinite is integrated into the Energy Centre generation. In addition, there is a second ‘Daffodil’ wind turbine on adjacent land supplying power to the Royal Mint Energy Centre.  Both supply energy to TRM. Infinite is now working with TRM to extend the renewables microgrid network out to adjacent industries and businesses – to supply them with renewable and low carbon power from the Energy Centre.

Andrew Crossman, Director at Infinite said “We are extremely proud to have delivered the Royal Mint Energy Centre on budget and on time. This low carbon energy centre is a trail blazing project that shines a light on the future of local, multi-technology generation and consumption within an industrial community network – it provides a blueprint for both commercial and domestic sustainable energy systems in a low carbon world, protecting business and residential communities against energy market volatility whilst providing energy security for the future.”

Inga Doak, Head of Sustainability at the Royal Mint, says, “Sustainability is front and centre in all we do as a business and this is another exciting step in The Royal Mint’s sustainability journey, allowing us to step closer towards our goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050.”

The Energy Centre is part of the Generation Storage Supply project (GSCS) and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Welsh Government and Albion Community Power.

About Infinite:

Infinite was formed in 2010 as a specialist renewable energy developer to create merchant wind power schemes for commercial clients.  Since then, it has delivered multiple commercial turbine and large scale Solar PV schemes across the UK and is now pioneering multi-technology renewable energy centres for industry, to provide more secure, reliable and cost effective sustainable energy directly to industrial communities.