News Brief

7 July 2023

Infinite Joins NFU Energy to Help the Farming Community Achieve Net Zero

Infinite Renewables is delighted to be in partnership with NFU Energy in its quest to help the farming community achieve carbon neutrality in the years to come.  Infinite is now the sole approved supplier for wind turbines for NFU members and other NFU Energy clients. 

Since its inception Infinite has delivered multiple commercial wind turbines and large-scale Solar PV across the UK and is now pioneering multi-technology renewable and local energy systems to provide more secure, reliable and costive-effective sustainable energy directly to business communities and now to the farming community.

To this end, as the UK’s approved distributor of the smaller Best Watt wind turbines (10kw, 45kw and 90kw), this partnership is ideal as these wind turbines are perfect for farm sites.

Because Best Watt turbines are a smaller efficient design, it significantly reduces planning risk as well as enabling quick and easy installation.  They are manufactured in Germany and the Netherlands and are built to last with a Flenders gearbox and ABB generator and 24/7 remote monitoring and availability guarantees supplied as standard.  Also, up to 30 year insurance backed maintenance contracts are available.

Infinite’s portfolio incorporates numerous wind schemes on farm sites including EWT 500kW wind turbine installations at Rexon Cross in Devon, Scoveston and Crican in West Wales and Goathill in Scotland. We have also developed smaller 250kW wind schemes at Haregrove Dairy Farm outside Bridgend and the Eurocaps facility in Tredegar with re-furbished wind turbines.