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16 August 2021

Renewables firm to deliver hybrid lead and lithium-ion ESS as part of wider micro grid

Renewable energy company Infinite will deliver power directly to the UK’s Royal Mint (TRM) using a hybrid lead-acid and lithium-ion energy storage system as part of a microgrid.

The Local Energy Centre project in Wales will include 800kW of energy storage, with the lithium/lead-acid split subject to further analysis of TRM’s demand profile.

The energy storage system will combine the “fast response” of the lithium battery with the “endurance” of lead-acid.

The containerised energy storage scheme (ESS) will comprise of a dual-chemistry ADEPT system developed by Infinite in partnership with GS Yuasa and the University of Sheffield.

The system will be connected to a 2MW solar farm, a wind turbine and a hydrogen-ready Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system.

The Centre is expected to be operational by Autumn 2022.

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