Press Releases

10 August 2021

Infinite strikes ‘Gold’ at the Royal Mint

The renewable energy company Infinite has won the tender to supply power directly to the Royal
Mint (TRM). The project will bring together specialists in the renewable energy field – development,
technical and finance, to build a multi technology Local Energy Centre on the site in Llantrisant. The
Centre will incorporate a 2MW Solar Farm on adjacent land which in itself is forecast to provide
2.4GWh of annual generation directly to TRM. Wind, hydrogen-ready Combined Heat & Power
(CHP) and battery storage form the mix of other technologies used.

Andrew Crossman, Director Infinite, said: “The Energy Centre at the Royal Mint is a tremendously
exciting and innovative project that pushes the boundaries of de-centralised energy generation and
microgrid distribution. As a large manufacturing site, the Royal Mint is the perfect candidate site for
an integrated energy centre. The generation from low carbon and renewable technologies,
distributed via smart microgrid will provide a huge boost to The Royal Mint’s carbon reduction

Sarah Bradley, Director of HR, Safety and Environment at the Royal Mint, said: “We are continually
looking for ways to be a sustainable business and reduce our carbon impact and be a considerate
neighbour to our environment. In 2018 we unveiled a wind turbine on site, and we are pleased to be
working with Infinite to build on our commitment to renewable energy.”

The Vestas 850kW ‘Daffodil’ wind turbine which was designed, supplied and built by Infinite will be
integrated into the LEC generation. It already supplies up to 10% of the Royal Mint’s energy

The containerised energy storage scheme (ESS), will comprise of a dual-chemistry ADEPT battery
management system (BMS), developed by Infinite in partnership with GS Yuasa and the University of
Sheffield and will offer a new power solution that combines the fast response of the lithium battery
with the endurance of lead acid.

The Centre which is expected to be operational by Autumn 2022 is part of the Generation Storage
Consumption Supply project (GSCS) and is funded by The European Regional Development Fund
(ERDF) and Albion Community Power. It will save on energy costs and offer carbon reduction.

Marco Yu, Investment Director, Albion Community Power, says: “Albion is thrilled to be bringing its
local energy expertise to enable this ‘first of a kind’ project alongside the Infinite team and the Royal
Mint. It is an important signpost in how the UK can achieve net zero emissions, democratise the energy system and support employment in the area. It is a very exciting step forward.”

Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change Julie James said: “This new project at the Royal Mint
together with the recent opening of the Energy Centre in Ebbw Vale and other EU-funded local
energy schemes which are planned across the South and West Wales are exciting developments and
are an important step towards our ambition of a low-carbon future for Wales. They will provide cost effective, reliable green energy to local businesses and communities.”

Infinite will establish a local Community Fund with a percentage of the revenue generated by the CHP
and Solar Farm distributed to local charities and community groups whose initiatives complement the
themes of the European Structural Funds.

About Infinite:

Infinite was formed in 2010 as a specialist renewable energy developer to create merchant wind power schemes for commercial clients.  Since then, it has delivered multiple commercial turbine and large scale Solar PV schemes across the UK and is now pioneering multi-technology renewable energy centres for industry, to provide more secure, reliable and cost effective sustainable energy directly to industrial communities.