Infinite | Wind Turbines
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One of the leading wind turbine developers in the UK

Infinite has been developing wind turbines schemes since 2010 and in that time has developed schemes for EWT, Powerwind, Enercon, Vestas and Vensys wind turbines. Infinite owns and operates a portfolio of wind turbine schemes throughout the UK and manages these assets for the business and on behalf of the investment partners. Infinite also offers these asset management services to third party owner/developers looking to protect their assets and maximise the return on their investment and now has over £25m of assets under management.


Infinite has the experience and know-how to develop wind turbine schemes anywhere in the UK and our cradle to grave approach to development means that Infinite will ensure that each turbine maintains peak performance throughout its 25 year plus life-cycle.


Infinite can provide fully funded wind turbine solutions for landowners as well as commercial and industrial consumers, providing low cost green energy at no cost to the land owner or company.


We select the most appropriate make and model turbine that could be developed within a location and which will also satisfy clients energy demands for years to come. We can even provide ‘Flower Power’ –


Infinite developed the ‘giant Daffodil’ at the Royal Mint, Llantrisant in South Wales; an 850kW Vestas wind turbine painted yellow and green to look like a daffodil which supplies up to 10% of the Royal Mint demand.


If you are interested in a fully funded wind turbine development on your land or are looking for low cost green energy to power your business, or would like Infinite to manage your existing asset, please contact us with your details.


Contact us now for a free quote on your project