Infinite | GSCS Local Energy Centre (LEC) Scheme 1
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GSCS Local Energy Centre (LEC) Scheme 1

Generation, Storage, Consumption, Supply

European Regional Development Funded Project
GSCS Local Energy Centre Scheme 1
The Royal Mint, Llantrisant Business Park


Infinite Renewables Group Ltd (IRGL) has secured funding to develop innovative energy centres with the aim of offering business communities in Wales, integrating renewable and low carbon generation technologies with battery storage across a micro grid network. These local energy centres are known as the GSCS (Generation Storage Consumption Supply) project.


The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has allocated grant funding of £8.9million to IRGL to build up to seven local energy centre schemes in South and West Wales including the Valleys, to provide low carbon and renewable energy to the local industrial communities.

Each energy centre scheme will contain a mix of technologies which includes wind turbines, solar photovoltaics (solar PV), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and battery storage, connected to each community by a private network. The total CAPEX for the schemes is £14.4m with £8.9m being provided by the ERDF with match funding of £5.5m (38% of total CAPEX) from their funding partner Albion Community Power.

IRGL have identified the energy intensive consumers operating at each of the proposed energy centre locations. These primary high energy consumers at the industrial settings provide the base load for each energy centre, with the ability to consume all the generated heat and power in phase 1 of each development. Each energy centre has the potential for expansion to match community consumption in the further phases 2, 3 and 4 of the developments.

Llantrisant Business Park has been accepted as one of the proposed sites for the ERDF Project, with the Royal Mint identified as the primary energy intensive user for phase 1 of the energy centre development.


The proposal is to build a local energy centre on the land adjacent to the Royal Mint and supply heat and power ‘over the fence’ to the Royal Mint site. The energy centre installation would include:-


  • ADEPT/Energy Centre Power Management
  • Micro grid
  • Heating Network
  • 2 MW Combined Heat and Power Unit
  • 8 MW Battery Storage
  • > 2 MW ground mounted solar photovoltaics


The local energy centre will be fully funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and match funding provided by Albion Community Power.


Karl Rigby, Energy & Electrical Manager from The Royal Mint had this to say about the proposed project:


To achieve our sustainability goals at The Royal Mint, we had no option but to embrace change and adapt to the use of technology, lowering energy costs and reducing our carbon footprint. When working with a local partner such as IRGL we have the confidence and security that our energy demands will be well catered for without worry of adversity coming from volatile future Energy markets. This is an exciting partnership adding to our recent success with Delilah, we are delighted to collaborate further with the Local Energy Centre and support a sustainable future for us and our neighbours



Are you a local business or industrial unit located near or at Llantrisant Business Park?


The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 introduced a duty on Welsh Government to develop carbon budgets for Wales, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050.


Since the introduction of the Act, political ambition has been to reduce greenhouse gas emissions further.

‘Wales accepts the Committee on Climate Change 95% greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 reduction targets’ Welsh Government Press Release.


The Welsh Government has committed further to the reduction target.


The Welsh Government is looking to surpass this target to become net zero in Wales by 2050 in their commitment in tackling global warming and the subsequent impact of climate change being seen locally and globally.


Our European Regional Development Funded GSCS Project is looking for interested companies to actively take part in the decarbonisation of Wales to make it a reality for your business.  Would your business be interested in taking electricity/heat requirements from the local Energy Centre at Llantrisant Park? The Royal Mint is our first client who will be supplied with electricity and heat from a mix of renewables, low carbon and battery stored energy. Be the next to join them and enquire with us today.


This project is being replicated in other locations across Wales and is an innovative and exciting step in decarbonising Wales, don’t delay in your chance to be part of it and be the next to benefit from competitive energy prices from a local sustainable energy source.


Is this your business?


Please get in touch with us using the ERDF Project enquiry form above.


• Perkin Elmer Llantrisant
• RPC Containers Ltd
• Little Inspirations Day Nursery
• ABK Property South Wales LLP
• Sigma 3 Trade
• Sentinel Doors Ltd
• Purolite Ltd
• Celtic Waste Management Services
• Bro-Tech Limited
• K1 Logistics Ltd
• Ty-Carreg Holdings Limited
• DBK Medical Limited
• Abbey Glass (Cardiff) Ltd
• Alsamex Products Ltd
• Biplas Medical Ltd
• FSG Tool & Die Ltd
• Gate UK Ltd
• Calon Care Limited
• D.B.K Technitherm Ltd
• J L S Electrical Services


GSCS Energy Centre
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