Infinite | Solar PV
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On roof or ground mounted solar installations, providing locally sourced electricity

Infinite is an experienced developer of large scale ground mounted and on-roof solar projects for both residential and commercial projects.


Infinite has developed stand-alone solar PV schemes and has incorporated solar generation into its multi-technology Energy Centre projects.

Infinite provides land owners and companies with fully funded energy solutions for renewable developments. Our cradle to grave commitment to renewable energy takes a project from initial site review, through planning, to installation and long term operation. We have developed and co-developed :-


  • £1.4million on-roof social housing schemes in partnership with Jehu and Newport City Council
  • Over 50MW of Ground Mounted Solar in Wales
  • Numerous projects at various stages of development from current planning applications to consented schemes ready for construction as part of Infinite’s innovative Energy Centres


The removal of subsidy support for solar PV has meant that the majority of stand-alone solar PV schemes, exporting purely to grid, can struggle to be commercially viable. However, solar PV projects embedded into industrial sites and manufacturing plants, or integrated into a multi technology energy centre, can deliver financial returns whilst reducing the carbon footprint of communities and businesses.



For more information of what Infinite can do for you, please contact us.

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