Infinite | Renewables
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A specialist renewable developer providing Development, Consultancy and Asset Management services


Infinite formed in 2010 to develop merchant wind power schemes supplying green energy direct to industry supported by the Feed-in-Tariff subsidy.

Infinite joined forces with Albion Capital as investment partners to develop its first wind turbine project; a Powerwind 56 (500kW) wind turbine installation at the Monier Redlands site, Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale. This first development was commissioned in February 2012 and is still successfully operating at maximum output.

The company co-owns and operates a portfolio of EWT, Powerwind and Vensys turbines with Albion Ventures and manages over £25m of assets.


Asset Management

Infinite protects your assets and provides maximum return on investment. Infinite owns and operates wind turbine schemes throughout the UK, and manages these assets on behalf of Infinite and their investment partners. With over £25m of assets already under management, Infinite offers asset management services to third party owners and developers looking to protect their assets and maximise the return on their investment.


Infinite provides the following wind turbine management services:-


  • Monitoring of power generation performance via monitoring systems and export meters, including Feed in Tariff (FIT) data,
  • Provision of operational and technical support including regular site inspections to evaluate the assets,
  • Managing reporting requirements with the regulator OFGEM, the grid supplier and FIT meter operator,
  • Managing relationships between owner, turbine manufacturer and O&M provider,
  • Management of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) renewals, maintenance contract renewals and insurance renewals.



Infinite’s cradle to grave commitment to renewable energy takes a project from initial site review, through planning, to installation and long term operation and we have developed and co-developed multi megawatts of renewable schemes across the UK.

Infinite can provide fully funded renewable energy solutions to land owners as well as commercial and business consumers. Infinite is keen to discuss renewable generation potential with industrial and commercial companies and also to develop renewable opportunities with land owners – at no cost to the land owner or the company. If your business requires cost effective green power or you have land that could be utilised for renewable development, please contact us to discuss further.

Infinite is keen to seek new partnerships and development opportunities with Government and local councils, housing associations with energy suppliers and other interested parties. New sites of interests are being explored, Could your site be the next to benefit?




Our bespoke consultancy service will support you in exploring the renewable energy supply possibilities for your business or industrial site. An Infinite Energy Centre could be the future in meeting your energy needs as we move closer to a zero-carbon community in Wales and the UK. Please contact us using the contact form for more information on how we can support the current and future needs of your business.


Contact us now for a free quote on your project