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Infinite Energy Centres – meeting your energy needs


Infinite’s Energy Centres integrate local energy generation, energy storage and smart metering across a micro-grid. An intelligent power management system controls the power generation from a combination of renewable energy sources. Depending on a site’s individual energy requirements and location, the Energy Centres can integrate power from multiple generation technologies such as wind turbines, solar Photovoltaics (ground mounted or roof mounted installations) and  combined heat and power units together with battery storage. Infinite’s energy centre’s generate and distribute heat and power via private networks provide a ground-breaking and innovative solution for commercial and industrial energy consumers.


Infinite offer a fully funded Energy Centre solution that enables commercial and industrial consumers to take advantage of low cost, green power, without any capital outlay.



  • Supplying commercial consumers with a combination of renewable, stored and grid power, result in a significant reduction in electricity costs and revenue earning potential for the industrial and wider community.
  • Enabling renewable energy from multiple renewable technologies to be retained and used by the community through storing surplus power for when it is needed.
  • De-centralising power distribution but enabling centralised management of that power supply providing greater flexibility in meeting changing local power peaks and operational demands.
  • Using a private micro grid and smart metering to reduce electricity transmission and non-commodity charges.
  • Enabling sleeving supply models to access a greater number of consumers
  • Providing greater energy security for the community and less reliance on the national electricity grid, while supporting the national drive to become net zero by 2050.


Infinite Energy Centre Model




Our bespoke consultancy service will support you in exploring the renewable energy supply possibilities for your business or industrial site. An Infinite Energy Centre could be the future in meeting your energy needs as we move closer to a zero-carbon community in Wales and the UK. Please contact us using the contact form for more information on how we can support the current and future needs of your business.



With the growth in our Energy Centre applications across the UK, Infinite is keen to seek new partnerships and development opportunities with Government and local councils, housing associations with energy suppliers and other interested parties. New sites of interests are being explored, Could your site be the next to benefit?

Contact us now for a free quote on your project