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Unique Dual Chemistry battery system.

Infinite Renewables have partnered with GS Yuasa – one of the largest battery manufacturer in the world – to produce a range of storage solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


GS Yuasa offer a complete range of battery chemistries to adapt to any storage solution and Infinite have worked with them to create the ADEPT platform which utilises the Dual Chemistry system of Lithium ion and Lead Acid; GEMINI.


The Gemini Dual Chemistry system combines the strengths of Lithium Ion and Lead Acid under a single battery control system ranging from 100kW to 5MW, depending on the application.


The unique GEMINI Dual Chemistry battery system developed by GS Yuasa offers a new power solution that combines the fast response of the Lithium battery with the endurance of lead acid. The seamless interaction and control of these two battery systems offers the best of both worlds for a range of storage and frequency response solutions.


The flexible GEMINI energy storage solution provides optimum energy security whilst maximising the energy cost savings and subsidy support that battery storage can generate.


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