Infinite Renewables Group | Case Study: Pembrokeshire Food Park
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Case Study: Pembrokeshire Food Park

The GSCS system (Generation Storage Consumption Supply) is a holistic sustainable energy system which integrates generation, storage, smart metering, a micro grid and intelligent control, within a number of integral processes.

This provides multi-technology sustainable energy solutions and revenue earning opportunities for business communities – Industrial estates in particular. The GSCS system will incorporate the ADEPT management platform and be delivered in the form of Local Energy Centres (LEC), which will provide a central hub to integrate all the technologies.


One of these LEC schemes is Pembrokeshire Food Park, which is a major new development in Pembrokeshire, West Wales and will comprise of 1 million square feet of food production and cold storage facilities. The Food Park is being promoted on the basis that it will provide low carbon and renewable forms of energy to supply heat, power and cooling to the various consumers on site. Infinite Group are working with the developers to deliver an energy centre to service the site’s energy requirements.


LEC Scheme;

  • Energy Centre
  • Micro grid
  • 0.25 MW Tri-generation
  • Heating Network
  • 0.35 MWh Battery Storage
  • 0.25 MW on-roof solar
  • 0.5 MW wind turbines (2 x 250kW Wind Turbines)

1 million sq ft facility

1 MW Tri-Generation

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