Infinite | Battery Storage
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Infinite provides a complete range of energy storage solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


Commercial battery storage provides greater energy security, efficiency, and greater independence by reducing reliance on national grid power. Used in conjunction with renewable and low carbon generation, battery storage also  presents a viable and innovative solution to maximise the use of locally generated renewable power.

Infinite offers a complete range of battery storage solutions to adapt to any commercial or industrial environment. We work with a range of specialist battery manufacturers to supply a range of battery technologies – tailored to the specific requirements of each individual storage application.




ADEPT is a power management and optimisation platform developed by Infinite Renewables in collaboration with GS Yuasa s and the University of Sheffield, supported by Innovate UK.  ADEPT provides energy management for multi technology renewable generation and battery storage, utilising smart metering.

The ADEPT platform is designed to meet the rigorous demands of large scale  industrial sites, providing lower energy costs through optimised energy management and integration of local renewable technologies.





As part of the GSCS Energy Centre project, Infinite Group has partnered with GS Yuasa, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world to deliver a number of proposed battery storage installations at industrial business parks across Wales, including at the Yuasa plant on the Rassau Industrial Estate, Ebbw Vale and The Royal Mint in Llantrisant.  The GSCS Energy Centre projects utilise the Gemini Dual Chemistry system developed by GS Yuasa which combines the strengths of lithium ion and lead acid under a single battery control system ranging from 100kW to 5MW, depending on the application.




This offers a new power solution that combines the fast response of the lithium battery with the endurance of lead acid. The seamless interaction and control of these two battery systems offers the best of both worlds for a range of storage and frequency response solutions.






‘Energy storage technologies are important tools for network operators to help balance the frequency of the grid and optimise the grid electricity supply,’ says Andrew Crossman, Director at Infinite Renewables Group, a specialist wind power and renewable energy scheme developer based in south Wales. ‘Energy storage helps to reduce congestion and maintain voltage on the grid,’ he explains. ‘It can also be used at a local level for time-shifting the use of power to reduce energy costs at peak times and to maximise the use of renewable resources.’


Large-scale battery installations are already cropping up across electricity grids worldwide, including in the UK. Infinite Renewables has partnered with GS Yuasa Batteries and the University of Sheffield to develop the ADEPT battery storage and management system. ‘This utilises a combination of lithium-ion and lead acid batteries,’ Crossman explains. ‘The ADEPT system will be integrated into our Infinite Energy Centres to maximise the benefits of renewable generation and also maximise local consumption of the power that’s generated.’

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