Infinite | About us
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About us

Infinite Renewables is a specialist merchant wind power and renewable energy scheme developer based in South Wales, UK.

Infinite was formed in 2010 to develop renewable energy merchant power schemes for commercial clients on industrial and brownfield sites. Infinite partnered with Albion Ventures Ltd, a VCT fund in London, to develop merchant wind power projects and Infinite currently co-owns, operates and manages a portfolio of 17 schemes totalling 10MW across the UK. In 2014 Infinite purchased Wind Direct to expand its UK database of commercial clients and focused on offering renewable energy schemes to high energy users.


Current wind schemes include the ‘giant Daffodil’ developed for the Royal Mint at Llantrisant in South Wales; an 850kW wind turbine painted yellow and green to look like a daffodil and supplying up to 10% of the Royal Mint demand.


Infinite have delivered multiple residential  and commercial Solar PV schemes across the UK and have established key partners to integrate renewable technologies such as CHP (Combined Heat and Power), ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) and Biomass for commercial applications.


Infinite are at the forefront of Microgrid and Renewable Energy storage development. Infinite have partnered with GS Yuasa to develop the ADEPT power management platform supported by Innovate UK and to provide a complete range of energy storage and distribution solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Key Personnel

Andrew Crossman


Sarah Owen

Head of Administration

Gillian Jones

Project Manager

Iestyn Morgan


David Boakes

Technical Administration

Mike Marshall


Lyn Casling

Financial Controller

Amy Fieldsend


Jenny Clayton

Project Co-ordinator

Contact us to discuss your project requirements.