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Smart Infrastructure Microgrid Power-store for Low-carbon Energy

SIMPLE is a residential community power supply platform which combines smart infrastructure and centralised energy storage with advanced power control systems. Developed incorporating the unique GS Yuasa Dual Chemistry battery system, SIMPLE enables all renewable energy generated within a connected community to be consumed by the members of that community, reducing energy costs for the community and carbon emissions for the country.

  • SIMPLE provides a virtual trading platform where each generator (tenant or householder) within the connected community is allocated a virtual trading account.
  •  The virtual account is credited for any renewable generation that the account holder contributes to the central battery store.
  • The stored power can then be used by another tenant or householder and their virtual trading account debited accordingly.
  • This eliminates the need for any un-consumed generated power to be spilled to the grid.
  • The centralised energy storage is optimised to ensure the community receives the maximum benefit from the stored power.

Intelligently Reactive.

SIMPLE can also take advantage of any locally generated renewable power from sources outside the community such as solar parks or district CHP systems. This power can be acquired by the SIMPLE community and stored in the battery central store. The system is intelligently reactive to the market rates which enables the SIMPLE platform to benefit both the energy supplier and the community.

Innovative Platform.

The innovative SIMPLE platform can be expanded to supply the community with brown grid power as well as the green community generated power. The ability to supply the community with all their power requirements will enable organisations such as Housing Associations to become virtual utility companies that can pass the cost saving benefits back to the community members.

Wider benefits of using an SIMPLE system?

  • No community generated power is spilled to the grid and therefore the whole community benefits.
  • Rapid charging stations for re-charging multiple electric vehicles can also be integrated within a SIMPLE platform.
  • The system is expandable and is designed to grow with the community.
  • Community members are individually metered with intelligent SMART meters which will automatically credit a member’s SUS account with any renewable power.
  • The system can also take advantage of any locally generated renewable power from sources outside the community such as solar parks or district CHP systems.
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