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Generation, Storage, Consumption, Supply

GSCS is a multi-technology energy system that integrates generation, storage, smart metering, a microgrid and intelligent power management processes. Incorporating the ADEPT management and optimisation platform and utilising GS Yuasa’s unique dual chemistry battery storage, GSCS establishes community energy centres that generate and distribute heat and power via private networks to connected commercial and industrial consumers.

Benefits of the GSCS system:

  • Integrating DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) to intelligently manage a Microgrid system and supply industrial/commercial consumers with a combination of renewable, stored and grid power, resulting in a significant reduction in electricity costs and revenue earning potential for the community.
  • Enabling renewable energy from multiple technologies such as solar, wind and combined heat and power to be retained and used by communities through storing surplus power generated.
  • Decentralising power distribution but enabling centralised power management for demand response benefits.
  • Using a private micro grid and smart metering to reduce transmission and non-commodity charges.
  • Providing energy security for the community.

Enhance Revenue.

GSCS presents numerous opportunities and options for enhancing generation revenue and providing energy cost savings for industrial and commercial communities. By creating multiple renewable technology centres with intelligent management and control, generation from numerous sustainable technologies can supply on-site demand and spill excess power to energy storage for peak distribution or centrally managed for demand response. The communities benefit from electricity cost savings, peak power reduction and from the re-distribution of stored generation.

Optimise Performance.

The GSCS platform integrates several DERs in order to optimise the performance of an entire Micro-grid via a multi-platform control system. The system monitors and controls the generation level and flow direction from multiple generating sources, responding to the prevailing ‘live’ conditions based on pre-set parameters and adjusting the apparatus accordingly.

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